Stage 1 : Vaporware

Stage 1 : Vaporware

Your idea is merely a glint in your eye.

Define the problem

1.1 Define the problem

Zoom out. Make sure you know what problem you are solving, and for whom. Before you rush off to invest in an idea, make sure you have a solid problem statement.

Ideate to Solve the Problem

1.2 Ideate to Solve the Problem

Brainstorm ideas. Judge them on feasibility, viability, desirability and other parameters. Identify the top 2-3 ideas to pursue.

Rapid Prototyping

1.3 Rapid Prototyping

We help build prototypes to cheaply test & demo various features of your ideas, so that you can get feedback from friends, acquaintances and complete strangers.

Stage 2 : Waterware

Stage 2 : Waterware

Your idea is now more tangible than before..

Build a Minimum Viable Product

2.1 Build a Minimum Viable Product

Create technical and design artifacts to create a functional version. Use it to get feedback on feasibility and viability.

Stage 3 : Iceware

Stage 3 : Iceware

Your idea is no longer just an idea. It has a solid manifestation.

Launch and scale in style!

3.1 Launch and scale in style!

Start adding solid features, add in scalability & user experience, and the bells and whistles of a successful product